RoboGames Fri-Sun, June 15-17

June 14, 2007

RoboGames Fri-Sun, June 15-17


Combat Flames01-2005-Coniglio

REMINDER: RoboGames Fri-Sun, June 15-17! If you’re in the Bay Area, don’t miss this and get tickets!

Holy Heck, The International RoboGames is coming up and this year it’s going to be a doozy!

At Maker Faire you saw a tiny segment of what’s going to go on at
Fort Mason Center in two weeks: cocktail bots, kinetic art automata,
loopy lego league challenges, robot kung-fu, and of course the
ever-popular Combots Fighting Robots!

RoboGames will have much, much more.

There will be a huge Maker presence at Robogames! The Make Magazine
Firetruck will be there, The Dorkbot PlaySpace and Swap Meet will
provide you with an opportunity to get rid of all *your* electronics
junk and go home with someone else’s, and the Federation International
RoboSoccer Association is holding The Robot World Cup right in front of
your very eyes! Three days of bot smashing, fire-fighting,
maze-solving, cocktail making, lego-bashing robot goodness for you and
the whole family!

Remember, Dad doesn’t want a razor for father’s day, he wants RoboGames!!!

Tickets are on Sale Now on our website! Be the first on your block
to come check out the Fourth Annual RoboGames!RoboGames (formerly
ROBOlympics) – Link.

from MAKE Magazine

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