RoboGames Fri-Sun, June 15-17


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REMINDER: RoboGames Fri-Sun, June 15-17! If you’re in the Bay Area, don’t miss this and get tickets!

Holy Heck, The International RoboGames is coming up and this year it’s going to be a doozy!

At Maker Faire you saw a tiny segment of what’s going to go on at
Fort Mason Center in two weeks: cocktail bots, kinetic art automata,
loopy lego league challenges, robot kung-fu, and of course the
ever-popular Combots Fighting Robots!

RoboGames will have much, much more.

There will be a huge Maker presence at Robogames! The Make Magazine
Firetruck will be there, The Dorkbot PlaySpace and Swap Meet will
provide you with an opportunity to get rid of all *your* electronics
junk and go home with someone else’s, and the Federation International
RoboSoccer Association is holding The Robot World Cup right in front of
your very eyes! Three days of bot smashing, fire-fighting,
maze-solving, cocktail making, lego-bashing robot goodness for you and
the whole family!

Remember, Dad doesn’t want a razor for father’s day, he wants RoboGames!!!

Tickets are on Sale Now on our website! Be the first on your block
to come check out the Fourth Annual RoboGames!RoboGames (formerly
ROBOlympics) – Link.

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June 14, 2007

What is RepRap?

RepRap version 1.0

RepRap is short for Replicating Rapid-prototyper. It is the practical self-copying 3D printer shown on the right.

The RepRap project became widely known after a large press coverage in March 2005, though the idea goes back to a paper on the web written by Adrian Bowyer on 2 February 2004.

will make plastic, ceramic, or metal parts, and is itself made from
plastic parts, so it will be able to make copies of itself. It is a
three-axis robot that moves several material extruders. These extruders
produce fine filaments of their working material with a paste-like
consistency. If RepRap
were making a plastic cone, it would use its plastic extruder to lay
down a quickly-hardening 0.5mm filament of molten plastic, drawing a
filled-in disc. It would then raise the plastic extrusion head and draw
the next layer (a smaller filled disc) on top of the first, repeating
the process until it completed the cone. To make an inverted cone it
would also lay down a support material under the overhanging parts. The
support would be removed when the cone was complete. Conductors can be
intermixed with the plastic to form electronic circuits – in 3D even!

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June 14, 2007

RepRap version 1.0 Retro Roundup: One year ago on Lifehacker

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Ex-Box Bench

November 28, 2006

Over at the Core 77 blog is a nice post on Giles Miller’s (of the Farm collective) take on corrugated carboard as a material for designing furniture. His work transforms the material while, at the same time, creates a visually interesting structure that is durable.

The blog from Blue Ant Studio has posted a plethora of chair designs in recent days- coincidental timing relative to our current project. Follow the link above to sift through the postings of the last several days.

Also at Blue Ant is a feature on their designer of the week, Charles & Ray Eames.

Two industrial suppliers

November 20, 2006

If you are in need of either hard-to-find parts and/or parts in quantity, then McMaster-Carr or MSC Direct may be you ticket. Both sell a range of items: fasteners, electrical components, raw materials, paint, and even janitorial supplies. Prices vary, some items are less expensive than your average Home Depot, especially in quantity, others that are hard to find are spendy. Either way, if you like hardware stores, these are great places. Shipping costs are reasonable and the items arrive within a day or two.

And also on Design Boom…

November 19, 2006

… a poster of the illustrated history of rocking chairs.

Detail #1 : Detail #2 :Detail #3